How is a Rain Garden a Beautiful Method of Storm Water Control?

Storm-water, as the name suggests, is the water that comes from a storm. When storm water reaches the surface, it has three fates. It can collect, infiltrate, or run-off. But for people  that live in urban landscapes with a lot of impervious surfaces, we usually deal with water that runs off.

This can play a large role in water pollution as the run-off contains oil slick and debris from roads and fertilizers, pesticides ,and insecticides from vegetation maintenance. When these compounds find their way into our water sources they can disrupt the aquatic ecosystem and compromise the integrity of our water quality.

How Does a Rain Garden Help with These Issues? Rain gardens are strategically placed to help capture polluted run off from entering our water streams. It acts as a bowl where the run off collects, and the water slowly enters the ground. The techniques that are used for this process in a rain garden can be further explained by informational signs that are located throughout th…

This Week: Butterfly Host Garden through the year; What's In Bloom.

A host garden provides the food plants for caterpillars and nectar sources for adult butterflies. Most species of butterflies feed on specific plants when they are caterpillars. 
Our Host Garden provides host plants for the Monarch (milkweed), Gulf Frittilary (passion flower), zebra swallowtail (paw paw), pipevine swallowtail (pipevine), black swallowtail (fennel, dill, parsley).

Host Garden: if you plant it...

In bloom this week...

Purple Coneflower
 Butterfly Weed
 Oakleaf Hydrangea
 Passion Flower
 White Coneflower
 White Monarda  Woodlander's Blue

 Creel's Gold Hypericum
 Common Ninebark

 Bronze Fennel
American Pokeweed
 Mexican Hats